Crisis in Nigeria Senate: Chief Whip Stages Dramatic Walkout

Nigeria Senate

In a dramatic turn of events within the nation’s red chamber, Chief Whip Senator Ali Ndume staged a walkout during a Senate session on Tuesday. The crisis that unfolded prompted Senate President Godswill Akpabio to call for an unexpected emergency closed session to address the escalating situation.

The commotion began when Senator Ndume raised a point of order, invoking order 54 of the Senate Rule Book to highlight concerns about the Senate President’s management of affairs within the chamber, which he believed were in violation of established rules.

Addressing the Senate, Ndume voiced his concerns, stating, “Mr. President, there are some things we do in this chamber that are against the rules. Sir, nobody is too big to learn.”

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However, before Senator Ndume could conclude his statement, Senate President Akpabio swiftly ruled him out of order, leading to visible anger from Ndume. In response, the Chief Whip dramatically exited the chamber and headed directly to his office.

Shortly afterward, Senator Ndume received a call from a colleague, prompting him to return to the chamber for an executive session. The details of the ongoing executive session remain undisclosed at the time of this report.

The dramatic turn of events within the Senate underscores the tensions and disagreements that have been simmering within the legislative body. As the emergency executive session continues, the nation will be keenly watching for developments and resolutions arising from this extraordinary turn of events within the red chamber.

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