Baba Omo Kekeke at 85: Lagos Celebrates Akande’s Legacy

Lagos State Govt Celebrates Chief Bisi Akande, 85th birthday,

In a gesture of respect and admiration, the people of Lagos State, alongside the government and the extended family, have come together to extend warm congratulations to Chief Bisi Akande, widely known as ‘Baba Omo kekeke,’ on the occasion of his 85th birthday.

Chief Bisi Akande, a highly esteemed political figure and a staunch advocate of good governance, has left an indelible mark on the landscape of Nigerian politics and governance. His 85 years have been characterized by a steadfast dedication to public service, an unwavering commitment to the principles of democracy, and a remarkable display of integrity.

The celebratory message conveyed by the Lagos State government acknowledges Chief Akande’s invaluable contributions to the nation. His enduring commitment to the principles of good governance has served as an inspiration to many, setting a high standard for current and future public servants.

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The statement recognizes Chief Akande not only as a political leader but also as a symbol of wisdom and exemplary leadership. As the people of Lagos State extend their heartfelt congratulations, they express a collective wish for his continued good health and eagerly anticipate further opportunities to benefit from his sagacity and leadership.

Chief Bisi Akande’s 85th birthday serves as a moment of reflection on a lifetime dedicated to the service of the people and the advancement of democratic values. As the nation celebrates this milestone, the legacy of Chief Akande stands tall, a testament to a life well-lived and a commitment to the betterment of society.