Abia Cattle Market: 50 Decomposing, Many Headless Bodies Found

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In a chilling revelation, the state of Abia in Nigeria has been rattled by the uncovering of more than 50 decaying remains, among them 20 headless corpses, in the vicinity of the Lokpanta Regional Cattle Market within the Umunneochi Local Government Area.

Governor Alex Otti made this disturbing revelation during a press conference held in Umuahia on Sunday evening, expressing profound sorrow that the area around the market has become a hub for criminal activities.

Governor Otti conveyed the resolute commitment of the state administration to clear out all residents from the market, intending to transform it into a daytime market that shuts down in the evenings to curb criminal activities.

The governor disclosed that the ongoing anti-crime efforts in the Umunneochi/Isuikwuato area were yielding positive outcomes, and his government was determined to reestablish peace and order in the region and across the entire state.

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He firmly declared that no part of Abia State, including the area where the bodies were found, would be allowed to serve as a breeding ground for criminals. He also asserted that those opposing the government’s endeavors to sanitize the cattle market must have criminal intentions or be accomplices.

Governor Otti emphasized the use of technology to combat insecurity in the state, ensuring that the crackdown on criminals would persist until complete peace and security were restored.

“We have implemented electronic systems that provide us with real-time information about every part of the state,” he stated. “A few weeks ago, we discovered that a substantial amount of ransom paid for kidnappings ended up somewhere near Umunneochi, which led us to launch a raid. During this operation, we made shocking discoveries. In under 48 hours, we recovered more than 50 deceased individuals around the cattle market in Umunneochi, among them over 20 headless bodies – men, women, and children. We also found numerous skeletons of individuals who had been brutally slain. In addition, we uncovered illicit arms trading, prostitution, and a host of other illicit activities within the market.”

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Furthermore, Governor Otti unveiled plans to convert the market into a multi-purpose market, surrounded by a secure fence. He stressed the importance of relocating the market’s residents to nearby communities, with the aim of ensuring a peaceful holiday season in Umunneochi and other regions of the state.

He reiterated that there is no room for criminals in Abia, and the fight against insecurity would not derail the government’s development initiatives. The governor assured the public that ongoing infrastructure projects, such as road construction, would proceed as scheduled.

Among the announced projects, the Nunya/Isuikwuato road has received three different designs, and the contract for its execution is set to be awarded soon. The governor also revealed that the contract for the rehabilitation of the Ohafia/Abam/Okobo/Arochukwu road had already been awarded, pledging that the long-standing issue of “no road to Arochukwu is easy” would soon be resolved.

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Furthermore, Governor Otti stated that they would exert pressure on the Federal Government to rehabilitate the Ohafia/Ihechiowa/Arochukwu Federal Road, further enhancing the state’s infrastructure and connectivity.

The shocking discovery of decomposing and headless bodies at the Abia cattle market has not only raised concerns about security in the region but has also prompted swift government action to restore peace and order. Abia residents are now hoping for a safer and more prosperous future in the wake of these disturbing findings.