Abia Assembly Passes Bill Ending Ex-Governors’ Pensions

Abia State Assembly

In a significant legislative move, the Abia House of Assembly has passed a pivotal bill aimed at ending the payment of pensions to former governors and their deputies within the state.

Spearheaded by Mr. Uchanna Okoro, the Majority Leader representing Arochukwu State Constituency, the bill, titled the “Abia State Governors and Deputy Governors (Repeal) Law 2024,” received unanimous support from assembly members.

Following a series of deliberations, including thorough scrutiny at the committee level and final approval during the plenary session, Speaker Emmanuel Emeruwa announced the bill’s passage.

He emphasized the importance of this legislative action in curbing excessive spending on pension benefits for former state executives and redirecting financial resources towards developmental projects.

Once signed into law by the governor, the legislation will take immediate effect, marking a significant departure from the traditional practice of granting lavish pension benefits to former governors and deputies post-tenure.

This move comes amidst widespread debate and criticism surrounding the issue of extravagant entitlements for former public officials.

The passage of this bill by the Abia State Assembly underscores the assembly’s commitment to responsible governance and fiscal accountability.

It sets a precedent for other states across the nation to reevaluate their pension policies for former government officials, promoting transparency and prudent fiscal management.