Murder of Late Blessing: Ex-Boyfriend Lands In Police Net

One individual has been apprehended in connection with the tragic demise of a National Open University of Nigeria undergraduate student named Blessing Karami in Abuja.

As per the details gathered by News Center Nigeria, the arrested individual goes by the name Aminu and is reported to have been the late Karami’s boyfriend. He was taken into custody following a thorough interrogation regarding her disappearance at the Divisional Police Headquarters in Durumi.

The grim events unfolded when Blessing Karami, who went missing on September 11 after taking a taxi home from work, was discovered lifeless several days later in the woods within the Karimo area of the Federal Capital Territory.

Genesis Moses Karami, her elder brother, provided crucial information to the police. He recounted receiving a mysterious call on Tuesday, September 19, which claimed to have details about his sister’s lifeless body. Unfortunately, the lead proved to be false.

“The caller claimed to have spotted a female body in Idu. We asked him to describe what she was wearing, and astonishingly, he accurately described the attire my sister had worn to the office on the day she vanished,” shared Mr. Karami with the police at the Durumi Divisional Police Headquarters on Wednesday.

Frustrated by their inability to reach the Durumi Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Mr. Karami proceeded to the police station in Karmo. However, upon their arrival with a team of policemen, the caller continued to evade them, changing locations until they eventually gave up their pursuit.