Mbah Breaks 20-Year Old Water Jinx, Completes Water Project

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Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State celebrated the completion of a groundbreaking water project in Enugu, marking a significant achievement in his administration’s commitment to enhancing water supply. The project, known as the 9th Mile 24/7 Water Scheme, was commissioned on Saturday, fulfilling Governor Mbah’s campaign promise to restore reliable water to Enugu city within 180 days of his inauguration.

Addressing the audience, Governor Mbah highlighted the remarkable progress made by his administration in increasing the state’s potable water production capacity. He emphasized the shift from a meager 2 million liters per day to an impressive 120 million liters per day, showcasing a substantial leap forward in addressing the dire water challenges faced by Enugu residents.

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The governor explained that the 4.4-megawatt gas-powered plant, a key component of the project, would ensure uninterrupted power supply to the water scheme, guaranteeing consistent water distribution to Enugu residents. Reflecting on the past water scarcity issues, Governor Mbah acknowledged the adverse impact on both businesses and households, underscoring the importance of a reliable water supply in fostering economic growth.

Governor Mbah stated, “Our vision is to elevate the state’s economy from $4.4 billion to $30 billion GDP in four to eight years, and the availability of potable water is integral to achieving this goal.” He expressed his administration’s dedication to addressing urgent issues affecting the well-being of Enugu residents, with the provision of water being a top priority.

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Recalling the skepticism surrounding the promise to provide potable water within 180 days, Governor Mbah proudly announced the successful commissioning of the ultra-modern water scheme, capable of delivering 70 million liters of potable water daily in the first phase. He further revealed plans to commission additional pumps in the Oji water scheme, contributing an extra 50 million liters daily, totaling 120 million liters—a significant surplus over the daily demand of Enugu urban.

Despite acknowledging initial challenges, such as burst pipes in the metropolis, Governor Mbah assured the public that these were temporary issues that would be resolved promptly. He affirmed the administration’s commitment to extending pipe-borne water to major residential areas and addressing water problems in towns outside Enugu.

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Governor Mbah concluded by urging residents to cooperate in paying for services and protecting the water facilities. He emphasized the importance of valuing and safeguarding the newly established infrastructure, encouraging citizens to consider it their collective responsibility to maintain the integrity of the water supply system.