Kano State Allocates N6B for Retirees’ Gratuities

Kano state Government

On the 28th of October, 2023, Governor Abba Yusuf of Kano State made a significant announcement regarding the state’s commitment to retirees.

The government has allocated N6 billion to settle gratuities for approximately 5,500 retired civil servants, marking a substantial step towards addressing a substantial N40 billion gratuity backlog from the previous administration.

Governor Abba Yusuf conveyed this news to journalists on a Saturday, emphasizing the government’s dedication to resolving the longstanding issue of unpaid gratuities. The disbursement is scheduled to commence in the upcoming week, with the initial beneficiaries being retired civil servants who fall within the low-grade category, with payable amounts not exceeding one million Naira.

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Governor Abba Yusuf expressed his personal concern for the well-being of retired civil servants, stating, “I always sleep and wake up with the issue of gratuities of retired civil servants in my mind. I always think about how to settle and clear this backlog.” He further disclosed that he regularly convenes meetings with key officials such as the Accountant General and Chairman of the Pension Trust Fund to chart the way forward.

In a bid to make a meaningful impact, the decision was made to prioritize retirees with lower gratuity amounts, typically ranging from N150,000 to just over N1 million. The government has already compiled a list of over 5,500 eligible beneficiaries who will receive their gratuities promptly in the coming week.

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Governor Abba Yusuf reassured the public, stating, “By next week, they will receive their gratuities, Insha Allah. The total amount, as we calculated, is about N6 billion, and the State Executive Council has since approved it. Let me also tell you that we have the money at hand. We have not borrowed a dime to pay this gratuity.” This announcement reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the financial needs of retired civil servants without incurring additional debt.

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