Is the myth about bad or bitter breastmilk true❓

Breastfeeding Mother

There is this popular myth about bad or bitter  breastmilk that can harm any baby who took it from the breastfeeding mother and this myth has been there for ages.

The Founder of online community, My Midwife and I (MMI), Joy Eke Ilediagu took time to explain key things you should  know about the so called Bitter Breastmilk.


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‘In the rural areas as well as the urban cities many people, men and women even the enlightened once believe in the myth; some speak about it with passion” she said.

Misconceptions: Traditional validation of bad or bitter breastmilk myths

It is important to note that many people especially in the village have used one methodology or another to arrive at their narrative about bitter breastmilk.

In some areas they will test if a breastfeeding mother has bitter breastmilk by extracting her breastmilk with a cup and put a life ant inside it.

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For them, the survival of the ant will determine if the breast milk is good or bad. It’s only this process they will use to decide if the nursing mother has bitter breastmilk.

If the ant dies, then the woman has bitter breastmilk, but if the ant survives after struggling inside the cup of extracted breastmilk, then they would conclude that the Breastmilk is good and safe for the baby.

According to Joy Eke Ilediagu “People who believe in this myths carry out several other tests before they will allow a newborn to suckle their mother’s breast”.

Facts To Know about “Bad or Bitter Breastmilk”

According to Joy Eke Ilediagu who doubles as a Trained Nurse and Professional Midwife “Breastmilk is the most nutritive food you can give to a baby and there is nothing like a bad or bitter breastmilk”.

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“How can breast milk be bad or bitter when it contains rich nutrients for healthy growth of a baby”.

“Human breastmilk have the highest amount of sugar when compared to any specie”.

“Breastmilk contains over 90% of water”.

“There is no bitter fluid anywhere in the body that can mix or contaminate the breastmilk”.

Why some ants will die inside cup of extracted breastmilk

Many ants will definitely die from surfocation. Like human, once they get inside the cup of Breastmilk which is fluid, staying for a long time inside the cup without oxygen will definitely kill them. They were simply unable to breathe.

It’s thesame as humanbeing, man drinks water, but can be drown when left inside water for a very long time without access to air.

My Professional Advice As a Midwife – Ilediagu

“If there is anything like a bad milk or bitter breastmilk. Your health care provider stands at a better place to educate you about it” Ilediagu said.

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She warned about refusal to breastfeed a new born baby due to such misconception.

In her words “Refusing to breast feed your newborn because of the myth is as good as putting yourself in danger due to breast engorgement”

“In other word, you are also putting the baby in danger and depriving her the essential nutrients needed for their growth”.

She further explained why people believe there’s something like bitter breastmilk.

“Breastmilk can only get soar or spoilt when extracted, left outside without proper preservations”.

“Feed your baby with breastmilk. It is the best food any baby can receive for a healthy growth”.

“There is nothing like bad or bitter breastmilk”.

“Don’t fall victim of all those myths. Breastmilk is the best milk and its safe for consumption irrespective of who produce the milk” she Concluded.


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