Good Governance Tour: Nkanu West LG Chair’s Rating – {Video}

A coalition of Good Governance Advocates, including the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Nigeria Labor Congress, and the Coalition of Civil Society Groups, embarked on a comprehensive review of projects, programs, and policies across the 17 Local Government Areas in Enugu State.

Their visit to Nkanu West Local Government Area left them deeply impressed by the exemplary leadership of Chairman Uche Ejim and his unwavering commitment to grassroots development.

Upon arrival, the team, led by Comrade Sam Udekwe (Enugu State Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists), Fabian Nwigbo (Chairman of NLC in the state), and Comrade Onyebuchi Igboke (Leader of the Coalition of Civil Society Groups), conveyed the purpose of their visit to the local leadership. Their mission was to gather firsthand information about the Local Government Area, as part of the larger Good Governance Tour initiative.

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The core objective of this initiative is not to cast blame but to assess the activities of all 17 local governments in Enugu State. Over the past six years, the Good Governance Tour has fostered healthy competition among these local governments, motivating them to excel, knowing that their actions will be scrutinized and compared.

In Nkanu West Local Government Area, the team was especially impressed by the transparency, sincerity of purpose, and life-changing projects they encountered. Fabian Nwigbo, Chairman of the Nigeria Labor Union in Enugu State, expressed that Nkanu West had defied stereotypes associated with underperforming local government areas in Nigeria. He highlighted the harmonious working relationship between the executive and legislative branches, a rarity in some areas they had visited. Nwigbo emphasized that their synergy was fundamental and praised the visible progress of their projects.

“We have visited their major projects, which encompass 65% to 89% of their initiatives. While we couldn’t access detailed financial information in the Chairman’s absence, we can commend their performance based on what we’ve witnessed. The only missing piece of the puzzle is their monthly and annual allocations,” Nwigbo noted.

On behalf of Nkanu West Local Government Chairman, Mr. Ray Nnamani, the LG supervisor for works, expressed gratitude for the visit and the favorable evaluation. He emphasized that Nkanu West LGA prioritizes collective decision-making, with nearly every leader actively involved in the process.

During their visit, the team examined various project sites, including an ongoing 3.7-kilometer road, an ongoing bridge construction, the construction of a civic center, an almost completed surveillance security tower, rural electrification projects, and the rehabilitation, furnishing, and equipping of a burnt health center, among others.

Despite their extensive review, the Good Governance Tour team was unable to obtain specific details about Nkanu West LGA’s monthly allocation, its human capital development initiatives, skills acquisition programs, youth empowerment programs, agricultural schemes, and the welfare of local government workers, including primary school teachers and LGA pensioners. Addressing these topics is vital and will be considered in their final report.

Key Questions: Nkanu West LG Chairman’s Performance

The Good Governance Tour aims to comprehensively assess the projects, programs, and policies in Enugu State's 17 Local Government Areas, promoting transparency and healthy competition.
Nkanu West LG received commendations for its transparency, sincerity of purpose, and life-changing projects, which defied stereotypes about underperforming LGAs in Nigeria.
The harmonious working relationship between the executive and legislative branches, along with the remarkable progress of their projects, set Nkanu West apart during the tour.
The team visited various project sites, including roads, bridge construction, civic center, surveillance tower, rural electrification, and the rehabilitation of a burnt health center.
The team could not access specific details about Nkanu West's monthly allocation, human capital development initiatives, skills acquisition programs, youth empowerment, agricultural schemes, and worker welfare, which will be considered in their final report.