Enugu’s Educational Leap: VP Shettima Commends Mbah’s Vision

Shettima, Peter Mbah, others

Vice President Senator Kashim Shettima, at the South East Business Roundtable and Light Up Nigeria Programme, praised Governor Peter Mbah’s educational reforms in Enugu. Promising to return for the commissioning of smart schools, Senator Shettima emphasized the importance of supporting the industrious Igbo people. He assured Nigerians of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s commitment to the Igbo’s prosperity.

Vice President Shettima also highlighted the significance of the Light Up Nigeria Project, stating that the South East’s economic growth is a priority for the President. Choosing Enugu for the project, he explained, aligns with the region’s industrial potential, transcending geographical compensation.

Governor Mbah welcomed the Light Up Nigeria Project as a game-changer for power and industrialization in the South East. He praised the Federal Government and NDPHC for their solution-oriented initiative, expressing optimism about its positive impact on the region’s power challenges.

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The governor outlined his administration’s efforts to create an investor-friendly environment through infrastructure development. He emphasized that the Light Up Nigeria Project would enhance productivity, generate jobs, and position the South East as a manufacturing and industrial hub.

Chiedu Ugbo, MD/CEO of NDPHC, explained that the project aims to provide reliable and affordable electricity by utilizing underutilized generation capacity. The initiative aligns with the Electricity Act of 2023, allowing state governments to develop electricity markets and fostering economic growth.

The Light Up Nigeria Project, according to Ugbo, will benefit state governments through increased electricity access, investment opportunities, revenue generation, and overall economic growth. The disruptive initiative marks a departure from business as usual, addressing Nigeria’s energy needs with innovation.

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