Electricity Tariff Hike: EEDC Releases List of Band A Feeders

List of EEDC Band A feeders

Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has taken a significant stride towards transparency and compliance with regulatory mandates set forth in the April 2024 Supplementary Multi-Year Tariff Order.

In a proactive move aimed at enhancing accessibility and empowering its valued customers, the utility company has disclosed the compilation and deployment of Band A feeder information.

In a recent communication addressed to its customer base, EEDC underscored its commitment to transparency by making crucial details regarding Band A feeders readily accessible online.


List of EEDC Band A feeders
List of EEDC Band A feeders

This initiative is strategically designed to meet regulatory requirements while equipping consumers with vital information to make well-informed decisions about their electricity usage.

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The classification of Band A feeders plays a crucial role in shaping electricity tariff structures. With this information now at their fingertips, customers can easily ascertain whether their locality falls within the Band A category.

Furthermore, they gain the ability to monitor the availability of electricity supply to their respective feeders, enabling more effective energy management and planning.

Customers are urged to access the Band A feeder information through a provided weblink, which directs them to the document hosted on the company’s official website.

This user-friendly approach highlights EEDC’s dedication to transparency and empowers customers with the necessary tools to navigate their electricity usage efficiently.

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Reassuring customers of its unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance and satisfaction, EEDC aims to cultivate transparency and accountability in its operations through this initiative.

By making Band A feeder information easily accessible, the company aligns with broader industry trends towards heightened transparency and increased customer engagement, reflecting the evolving landscape of energy regulation and consumer empowerment.