Don’t tax petty Traders – Ebonyi state Governor, Nwifuru

Petty traders

In a decisive move to protect the livelihoods of small-scale traders, Governor Francis Nwifuru of Ebonyi State has issued a stern warning to revenue collectors against imposing taxes on vegetable sellers and other petty traders.

The governor’s stance, communicated through his Chief Press Secretary, Dr. Monday Uzor, emphasizes the humane approach towards revenue collection, especially in local markets where farmers sell their produce.

Speaking during the inauguration of members of the Revenue Appeal Commission at the centenary city, New Government House, Abakaliki, Governor Nwifuru categorically condemned the practice of taxing individuals engaged in subsistence trading.

He stressed the need to focus taxation efforts on larger businesses while sparing small traders who rely on their farm yields for income.

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“I have reiterated to the Revenue Service, our focus should not be on village markets taxing vegetable sellers. It is unjustifiable to burden those who sell what they produce from their farms,” Governor Nwifuru asserted.

Encouraging a compassionate approach to revenue collection, the governor urged the Chairman of the Revenue Service and Appeal Commission, Augustine Nwankwegu, and his team to conduct their duties with empathy, prioritizing the state’s internally generated revenue without causing undue hardship to the populace.

“I urge for a considerate approach. We shouldn’t resort to forcefully shutting down shops or causing distress. Taxation should be fair and negotiated, considering the capacities of individual traders,” Governor Nwifuru emphasized.

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Expressing gratitude on behalf of the appointees, Augustine Nwankwegu assured the governor of the Revenue Service’s commitment to enhancing the state’s revenue while fostering a conducive environment for business operations in Ebonyi State.

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