Breaking News: Explosion Shakes Abuja, Nigeria Capital


In a startling incident, an explosion jolted the peaceful neighborhood of Dawaki in the Bwari Local Government Area of Abuja,  Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, leaving one individual injured. The event unfolded around 8:30 am on Friday, catching residents off guard.

Eyewitnesses described a deafening blast originating from a modest one-bedroom apartment housing two men. Contrary to initial claims suggesting a cooking gas mishap by one of the occupants, there was an absence of the typical gas odor and any visible signs of fire. Remarkably, while the explosion inflicted damage to numerous windows within the apartment, the kitchen window remained surprisingly intact.

A concerned resident shared, “The entire neighborhood reverberated with the explosion’s sound. It seemed to originate from a one-bedroom dwelling with two male occupants. One of them sustained injuries and was promptly taken to the National Hospital, Abuja for medical attention.”

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Further probing revealed discrepancies in the narrative, as the alleged survivor attributed the explosion to a cooking gas malfunction. However, the absence of corroborating evidence, such as the distinct smell of gas and fire, casts doubt on this assertion. Moreover, the peculiar preservation of the kitchen window amidst the chaos raises questions about the true nature of the incident.

Authorities have been alerted, with the matter swiftly reported to the Dwaki police station. Calls have been made for the intervention of the bomb ordnance squad from the FCT command to meticulously investigate the scene and ascertain the actual cause behind the explosion.

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Efforts to solicit comments from Josephine Adeh, the FCT police spokesperson, have been unsuccessful thus far, as repeated attempts to reach her have gone unanswered.

An air of apprehension lingers in Dawaki as residents await the outcome of the impending investigation. Authorities are expected to conduct a thorough inquiry to unravel the mystery surrounding the explosion, ensuring the safety and security of the neighborhood. As developments unfold, the public will be duly informed.

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