Witches and Wizards Predict Imo, Bayelsa, Kogi States Polls

Imo, Bayelsa, and Kogi States' polls

The White Witches and Wizards of Nigeria have shared their predictions for the upcoming governorship elections set to take place on November 11 in Imo, Bayelsa, and Kogi States. According to Okhue Iboi, the group’s spokesperson, they have unique insights into the electoral contests and foresee challenging outcomes for some prominent candidates.

In the case of Imo State, Iboi suggests that the main battleground will be between Athan Achonu, the candidate of the Labour Party (LP), and Samuel Anyanwu of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). This forecast differs from the widespread belief that the incumbent, Governor Hope Uzodinma, may have an advantage due to his position. Iboi explains that Governor Uzodinma has faced significant unpopularity among his constituents, partially due to his ascent to power through legal maneuvers rather than popular support. Additionally, a surge in violence within the state has contributed to his lack of popularity. Iboi underscores the need for heightened security measures in the region to prevent any potential election-related violence.

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Moving to Kogi State, Iboi predicts that the primary contest will revolve around the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He points out that Governor Yahaya Bello’s decision not to nominate his deputy as his successor has put him at a disadvantage, potentially costing him victory in the election. The group’s insights indicate that, despite Bello’s efforts to disrupt the electoral process, he will not secure a win. Thus, the witches and wizards anticipate a fiercely contested election between the PDP and SDP in Kogi State.

Dino Melaye, a controversial candidate in Kogi State, is also on their radar. Iboi suggests that Melaye’s obstinacy and reluctance to engage in strategic discussions could lead to an unexpected electoral outcome. The warning is clear: if Melaye continues to disregard their advice, he might be in for a surprise when the election results are announced.

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In the case of Bayelsa State, the group anticipates a challenging journey for Timipre Sylva, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC). Sylva’s candidacy has already faced significant obstacles, and even if he manages to secure it, the witches and wizards do not see a successful electoral path for him. This prediction aligns with their previous forecasts, which indicated a turbulent road for Sylva within the APC.

In summary, the White Witches and Wizards of Nigeria offer a distinctive perspective on the forthcoming governorship elections, highlighting the significance of political dynamics, candidate behavior, and public sentiment in determining the outcomes in Imo, Kogi, and Bayelsa States.

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