Tech Boosts Port Efficiency: APM Terminals Leads the Way

Lagos Port

Lagos, Nigeria – September 18, 2023 – Frederik Klinke, the Chief Executive Officer of APM Terminals Nigeria, has underscored the transformative potential of technology in revolutionizing the operational capabilities of Nigerian ports.

Speaking at the Nigerian Ports and Trade Investment Forum 2023 in Lagos, Klinke shed light on how technology can bridge the gap between government agencies and private entities, offering innovative solutions to the multifaceted challenges faced by the nation’s supply chain.

Klinke revealed APM Terminals’ unwavering commitment to pioneering software solutions, facilitating seamless online interactions between customers and port personnel, thereby significantly reducing the necessity for physical presence at the port. He articulated, “APM Terminals is actively rolling out customer-centric solutions on a global scale, fostering enhanced connectivity between operations in Nigeria and ports worldwide.”

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Expanding on this vision, Klinke elaborated on the company’s ambition to establish a network of connectivity encompassing its systems, customs authorities, other governmental agencies, and customers. This ambitious initiative aims to provide a holistic overview of container movements, offering unprecedented transparency to stakeholders before these containers even arrive in the country, ultimately bolstering supply chain management.

Courage Obadagbonyi, the Chief Financial Officer of APM Terminals Nigeria, echoed the importance of collaborative efforts among government agencies operating within the port. Obadagbonyi stressed that fostering inter-agency synergy is indispensable in ensuring the efficient delivery of services to port users and fortifying the overall supply chain.

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Within the same session, Ismaila Badjie, Commercial Manager of APM Terminals West Africa Container Terminal (WACT), championed Nigeria’s position as an African economic powerhouse with immense growth prospects, underlining the country’s potential for further expansion in the region.

As technology continues to redefine the landscape of port operations, APM Terminals’ steadfast commitment to streamlining processes and enhancing collaboration between stakeholders is poised to herald a transformative era for Nigeria’s maritime and trade sectors.