Israel’s Conflict: Second Stage Amid Gaza Blackout

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Tel Aviv, October 28, 2023 – In a significant development, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has officially declared the commencement of what he terms the “second stage” in Israel’s ongoing military conflict with Hamas.

This announcement follows a strategic outline provided earlier by Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, who detailed a three-stage plan for the military campaign.

According to Gallant, the initial stage was primarily aimed at systematically dismantling Hamas’s infrastructure, with the objective of defeating and neutralizing the organization. The second stage, as described by Gallant, is characterized by ongoing military operations with the goal of eliminating pockets of resistance.

The third and final phase of the campaign, according to Gallant, involves a comprehensive effort to shift Israel’s responsibilities in Gaza and establish a new security framework for Israeli citizens. The transition to this third phase signifies a broader strategic objective in the conflict.

Meanwhile, the conflict’s dynamics have been further complicated by an internet blackout imposed in Gaza. This blackout has severely hampered the availability of real-time information and media coverage from the region. Obtaining up-to-date images and videos depicting the current situation on the ground has become increasingly challenging due to this restriction.