Enugu LGA Councilors’ Salaries Exposed in Revealing Video

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It’s truly astonishing to grasp the monthly salaries that have been received by the average local government councillors in Enugu state since 1999 up to the present day.

This revelation was brought to light by one of the Councillors who expressed deep concern about their well-being during a Good Governance Tour at Nkanu West Local Government Area. This tour was conducted by a coalition of Civil Society Groups, the Nigeria Union of Journalists, and the Nigeria Labour Congress.

The Councillor, Hon. Chibuike Felix emphasized that Enugu state government had not revised their salaries since 1999, leading to significant hardship among his colleagues. He highlighted the immense daily challenges they face as  a Councillor

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Watch the video here


In his words, “The monthly salary for counselors in Enugu state has remained fixed at N100,000 since 1999, as approved by the Federal Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission. This amount has remained unchanged to this day.”

“Moreover, from this N100,000, the government deducts taxes. After taxation, the take-home pay for every counselor is a meager N88,258.58, which is less than N89,000. In the current economic situation in Nigeria, how can a counselor make ends meet?” he questioned.

“Consider someone like myself, with a family to support; can N88,000 suffice? The answer is no. We appeal to the state government to address the concerns of counselors,” he added.

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Felix implored the Good Governance Team, who were visiting, to thoroughly investigate the Councillors’ welfare. He highlighted several allowances that Councillors receive and others they are denied, such as medical allowances, feeding allowances, transport allowances, car maintenance allowances, wardrobe allowances, car loan allowances, and more.


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