Breaking: Massive Explosion, Enugu To Destroy Failed Bridge

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Enugu State residents are urged to brace themselves for a significant detonation scheduled for the upcoming hours today, according to a press release disseminated by the Enugu State Ministry of Information and Ministry of Works.

The joint statement conveyed, “The Ministry of Information and Communication of Enugu State, in collaboration with the Ministry of Works, wishes to inform the public, particularly those residing in the vicinity of the compromised bridge, that the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Commander, the Anti-Bomb units of the police, the Zonal Mines Officer, and DSS personnel overseeing the explosive unit, are set to conduct a controlled explosion on Monday, November 27, 2023, at the failed bridge along the Enugu-PH expressway.”

“The planned explosion is a strategic measure aimed at restoring the compromised bridge. This notice is issued to prevent unnecessary panic among citizens in the surrounding areas and the entire Enugu community. Charging is scheduled to commence at 10 am on Monday, with the actual blasting set for 5 pm on the same day, November 27, 2023.”

“The signatories to this announcement are Aka Eze Aka, Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communication, Enugu State, and Engr Gerald Otiji, Hon. Commissioner for Works,” concluded the statement.