Pastor Commits Suicide Over Extramarital Church WhatsApp Leak

Late Revd Oscar Mukahanana

A Christian pastor affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Oscar Mukahanana, tragically took his own life after a private matter was exposed within the church’s WhatsApp group.

Mukahanana served as a Reverend and held the position of District Superintendent in the Harare East region of Zimbabwe.

The unfortunate incident involved an extramarital relationship between Mukahanana and a female member of the church’s youth group. Regrettably, an audio recording of their private encounter found its way onto the church’s WhatsApp group.

In this audio, Mukahanana shared his excitement about his interaction with the lady, even mentioning the timing in relation to her menstrual cycle. The release of this audio led to a flurry of discussions and sharing within the church community, with some individuals creating memes and mocking the District Superintendent over the scandal.

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Overwhelmed by humiliation and embarrassment, Mukahanana tragically took his own life on a Friday, unable to endure the shame that had befallen him.

The UMC Harare District released a statement in response to this tragic event, expressing deep sadness at the untimely death of their beloved District Superintendent, Rev. Oscar Mukahanana of the Harare East District.

They also announced that the Bishop’s Office would provide further information about the incident and funeral arrangements, and they requested the church community’s support for the grieving Mukahanana family through prayers.

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