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They’re Pretending To have Loved You While Alive – Dr. Awuzie Mourns Gospel Singer, Okposo, Opens Old Wounds


Following the death of Nigerian Renowned Gospel Artist, Sammie Okposo; a social media influencer and an investigator, Dr. Charles Awuzie opens old wounds.

Awuzie in his eulogy to the dead gospel singer shared on his social media platforms dragged those who humiliated Okposo over his confession of being involved in extramarital affairs.

Awuzie said “I wish the world was Kinder to you when you confessed to having an affair…”.

“The problem I have with some religious people is that they judge you when you are alive and pretend to love you when you are dead”.

“Sammie Okposo was dragged, called names and cursed for a weakness which is not strange to the human race but nobody cared to know if he is healthy to bear all those social media dragging”.

“May you never fall into the hands of Judgmental religious people while you are just going through a difficult time. They will judge you as if they are perfect”.

“Dear Sammie, you have died, you have come to the end of your journey. Your body and beautiful voice will now lay below the earth, covered with heaps of sand but judged by nobody”.

“Rest in Peace brother 🙏”

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