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Enugu: Ak47 Suspected Armed Political Thugs Masquerading Pro-Biafra Group Attack Labor Party Meeting [VIDEO]


There’s growing concerns in Enugu state over attack on Labor Party by thugs believed to be working for the Politicians.

The Recent Attack, and disruption of Labor Party’s meeting at Nome, Aninri Local Government Area of Enugu state has continued to attract condemnation.

Such attack once happened in Awgu Local Government Area, nearby Aninri Local with many injured.

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Reacting to the incident, a social commentator, Charles Ogbu called on the Nigeria Police to live up to the expectations and protect the people.

According to Ogbu “The constant targeting of Labour Party ward meetings for attacks by armed men in different parts of Enugu state by POLITICAL ACTORS masquerading as agitators has to stop”


“This particular incident happened on Saturday, two days ago. And IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH BIAFRA, IPOB OR CHASING FULANI AWAY. This was purely political actors who are scared of the tsunamic wave of the OBI-DIENT MOVEMENT across the country”.

“The PDP has a fulani as its political candidate. The APC has a Yoruba as its presidential candidate. The Labour Party has an Igbo man as its presidential candidate. Yet, it is the Labour Party that has an Igbo presidential candidate that is being attacked with the accusation of trying to bring back the fulani into the Southeast. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?? This is to tell you that these constant attacks are sponsored by politicians from Enugu state who think we lack the critical thinking skills to decifer the truth ourselves”.

“Dear Nigeria Police Force, you’d do well to put a stop to this. And the state governor, Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi needs to act on this. Ugwuanyi’s greatest achievement is maintaining peace in the state even at a time other neighboring states were boiling”.

“But if this armed attacks on Labour Party offices and gatherings are not stopped immediately, Enugu risks losing its peaceful nature and that will be a shame”.


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