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Just In: More Disturbing findings on Reno Omokri, Evidence backing alleged criminal acts in US


Team of cyber security leaders have allegedly discovered disturbing acts capable to land Mr. Reno Omokri in the Prison.

A Cyber Security expert, Dr Charles Awuzie made this known through his Facebook page while advising Mr. Reno Omokri to stop igniting ethnic tension in Nigeria.

Charles Awuzie and Reno Omokri have been on banter on social media which led to Reno being dragged to EFCC after publishing his payslip while in Government.

Through his Facebook page, Charles Awuzie write “on Rhino, our network in America have compiled disturbing findings on Rhino”.

” To be honest, I felt bad to be a reason for Rhino to become a fugitive. The truth is that we have all it takes to either put Rhino in jail or make him a fugitive… We can make a case of forgery and fraud etc from what’s available to us”.

“Why should Rhino allow himself to be destroyed because of pride and greed?”

“Someone close to him should tell him to stop manipulating Hausas against Igbos, Hausas against Yorubas, Yorubas against Hausas, Igbos against Hausas or Igbos against Yorubas. This is morally wrong”.

” He is destroying relationships and friendships. My closest friends are Yorubas and Hausas. With the sentiments, Rhino is provoking on social media, weakened bonds of friendship could be broken based on tribal sentiments. This is wickedness. This is evil”.

“The problem is not even politics, the problem is the divide and rule strategy”.

“So if Rhino reads this and turns a new leaf, we will let him be…. But if Rhino reads this and continues, I SWEAR ON MY HONOR, WE WILL NOT FORGIVE, WE WILL NOT FORGET”.

‘I wrote this from my heart and I hope Rhino reads it with humility. CHARLES AWUZIE”.

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