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Why Ruling Class Across Political Parties, Tribes will do everything to stop Mr. Peter Obi – Odidi


A social Commentator and US based Opinion Leader, Princewill Odidi has highlighted the main reasons rulling class will ensure Peter Obi doesn’t emerge as President.

Odidi using his Facebook page said the reasons to stop Obi include:

“Crude oil theft will stop. This is a big source of income for some of our super rich . They load and sell our crude at will”.

“A lot of people in CBN will be questioned. Massive theft and conspiracies. All must stop”.

“Most military Generals retired and serving will be required to answer questions. Arms purchase funds often diverted, some Generals are billionaires. This must stop”.

“Theft associated with security budgets in pretense of stockpiling for bandits will come to an end. Within a year financiers of Boko haram will be identified. Corruption in our security agencies is reason Boko haram has lasted”.

“Padded budgets for Senators and Reps constituency projects will end. Our Senators and reps are a cesspool of corruption”.

“Abandoned contracts will end. Obi will question every budgetary expenses line by line. Every shishi will be accounted for”.

“Those in charge of theft and corruption in our seaports and their foreign collaborators will be asked for proper accounting. Nigerians will be shocked to know how much money is stolen and diverted in our ports”.

“NNPC will undergo full scrutiny. Subsidy theft scam will come to an end”.

“Ministers, Perm secs and super Directors in ministries will stop seeing so much money”.

“If we do not remove the present National Assembly, they may attempt to impeach him. They are part of the problem”.

“For the first time since independence, this is the closest we have come to chase our taskmasters and oppressors out!”

“Keep the momentum, these devils will do everything to stop him, you are poor, not at school, bad roads and non functional hospitals because our politicians are super rich. They are the cause of our problems.
The only way to have the good life is to chase them out through the ballot box”.

“They will do everything to stop the momentum, don’t give up, they are getting scared, they will attempt blackmail but it will fail”.

“Their cup is full. We will kick them out” he added.

“Don’t forget the new slogan: mama papa pikin. This is your time, stand your ground” he concluded.

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