A Pro Democracy and Good Governance Support Group known as Solidarity Alliance has come out boldly to commend the Member Representing Nkanu East Constituency in the Enugu State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Paul Nnajiofor popularly known as Ononenyi for his laudable efforts and vibrant contributions as a Legislator of repute in the state.

In a Chat with the Director General of the Group, Chief Moses Egbo, they urged Nkanu East Delegates to insist on experience, Maturity, Legislative Knowledge and good conscience to Support and vote for Rt Hon Nnajiofor during the Forthcoming Party Primary on May 7th, 2022.

The group described Nnajiofor as Consistent Voice . They rated him a Legislator with Capacity, Competence, and enumerated his commendable efforts with modest achievements as a Member of the Enugu State House of Assembly.

In their words “it is pertinent to note that No single State Legislator can satisfy the expectations, yearnings, and demands of all Constituent Communities & Individual Constituents of Nkanu East or any other Constituency in one swoop especially the one as Large as Nkanu East comprising 14 political wards, 35 communities and over 1,513 remote quarters and villages and about 600,000 Indegenes”

“It is important to note also that the 3 cardinal functions of a Legislator are Lawmaking, Representation, and Over sight”.

Also, remember that State Legislators do not have or enjoy Constituency Funding like their federal Counterparts in the National Assembly: Nevertheless some of the achievements and commendable efforts of our State Assembly member, Ononenyi; Rt Hon Paul Nnajiofor are but not limited to the following ‘:

1 Attracted the construction and Ashphalying of about 1 Kilometre Rural Road from Ufu Akpu junction Amechi Idodo

(2) Facilitated the provision of fresh School uniforms & Kittings for over 564 pupils of Uzam 1 & 2 Primary school Amechi Idodo.

(3) Organized and fully Sponsored about
different Medical out reaches @ Amagunze,
Amechi Idodo,
Owo & Mbulu Owo respectively and Over 500 persons benefited from each of the outreach

(4) Organized and Sponsored the COVID 19 Constituency Awareness and prevention Intervention programme at afo ogbodo market Ufu Akpu Amechi Idodo

(5) Facilitated the selection and hosting of Traders Empowerement Scheme at afo Ogbodo narket Amechi Idodo & Afor Ugbawka markets respectively

(6) Organised and Funded the Distribution of Palliatives to all the 14 wards if Nkanu East Constituency to the elderly, poor, Indigents and vulnerable persons

(7) Co Facilitated the Renovation of CPS 3 Isigwe Ugbawka,

(8) Visited and Donated the sum of N250, 000 ( redeemed) towards the renovation of the Community School building & Science Lab Amagunze then gutted by wildfire
(9) Attracted the Construction of various CSDP world Bank projects to Isiogbo Nara Community., Imeama Ugbawka, Mbulu Owo respectively

(10) Paid WAEC & NECO fees for over 25 indigent pupils

(11) Sponsored over 18 young people in various educational advancements schemes in Primary, secondary & University levels thru Constituency Scholarship scheme

( 12 ) Renovated buildings for poor Widows, Widowers, elderly and poor persons in about 3 communities of Nkanu East

(13) Paid Hospital & Medical Bills of sone Nkanu East Indegenes in Parklane, UNTH, mother of Christ and Mbulu Owo health Centre etc

(14) Attracted the installation of 6 transformers in Mbulu Owo & Owo

(15) Attracted the building of a Fresh 4 classroom. Block at Ameke Amuzam Mbulu Owo

(16) Sponsored about 6 High impact and People oriented Bill’s & 12 Motions for Legislative impacts within the Our Legislative Sessions

(17) Co sponsored over 8 Bills and 12 motions including an ongoing Private Member Bill

(18) Sponsored and Hosted Various crusades, Mobilization and Religious impact programmes for different churches within Nkanu East towards propagating the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ

( 19 ) Sponsored Talents hunts in Football for the Youths in my Community for 4 years running

(20) Organized and promoted the Campaign against Mkpurumiri in Nkanu East in 2021 & 2022

(21) Attracted the Construction of Nkanu East Judiciary complex at Amagunze

(22) ** Attracted the Construction of Customary Court buildings in all our Nkanu East Judicial divisions

(23) Attracted the Construction of the type 3 ultra modern health facility complex at Nara

(24) Has been in the frontline and strong Advocacy against maltreatment, oppression and Injustice to the poor, weak and those without voice in some Communities especially Owo axis

( 25 ) Have honored over 76% invitations to various Social, Community and Political events by Constituents in ( different parts of our constituency.

(26) A Loyal, Devoted & dedicated Party man and Promoter of the visions and Ideals of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP.

(27) Facilitated the Renovation of One classroom block at CS Owo

( 28 ) Facilitated the Renovation of One classroom at CPS Mbulu Owo

(29) Completed the Already Started Community Sponsored Examination Hall for NEC0, WAEC at Comprehensive Secondary School Mbulu Owo

(30) Facilitated the Supply of Desks, Boards and Educational & Learning Materials for various schools in Nkanu East betwn 2017 & 2020.

(31) Recently Facilitated the Reconstruction of the Roifing of the CPS Ameke Amuzam Mbulu

(32) Attracted and Facilitated the Construction of about 2 klm Rural Access Road from Health Centre to Affor Ezza Enugu Ai Express Road by RAMP in Mbulu Owo.

(33) Purchased and Distributed Excercise books, Mosquito nets and Agricultural support and farm imputs to farmers in my area including corn Seedlings,, cassava, Stems, Potatoe, Palm Seedlings etc for over 5 years running.

(34) Partnered and sponsored over 18 youths in various skill acquisition, human development & Empowerement schemes


We also expect more from Rt Hon Paul Osondu Nnajiofor Ononenyi if given the chance to do one more tenure for our people.


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