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Update: What you need to know about Sister Osinachi Nwachukwu


Below are what you may not know about Sister Osinachi Nwachukwu’s and her full biography: age, husband, death and other updates till 2022.

Osinachi Nwachukwu
Sister Osinachi Nwachukwu bio: age, husband, death and other updates.

Sister Osinachi Nwachukwu, a Nigerian singer, songwriter, Minister of God, and Christian worship music producer, is a Spirit-filled Nigerian gospel performer and songwriter with a FIRE voice.

Osinachi Nwachukwu: Profile summary

Real Name Osinachi Nwachukwu
Also Known As Sister Osinachi Nwachukwu
Age 42 year old
State of Origin Imo State
Husband Mr Peter
Twin Sister Amarachi Grace Eze
Occupation Gospel Singer
Osinachi Nwachukwu: Biography

Osinachi Nwachukwu is 42 years of age. She is from Imo State in Nigeria’s south-eastern region. She is Igbo by tribe and takes up a as a gospel musician/songwriter. She has four children and a twin sister named Amarachi Grace Eze.

Sister Osinachi is married with four children in addition to being a brilliant pianist with a beautiful voice. She became famous for her song Ekwueme. “Nara Ekele,” a song by Pastor Paul Enenche (Dunamis, Abuja), “Ekwueme,” a song by Prospa Ochimana, and Emma’s “You no dey use me play” are just a few of the gospel songs in which she has features in.

Osinachi Nwachukwu: Career

Osinachi Nwachukwu is a highly Spirit-filled Nigerian gospel musician, songwriter, with a great voice. Osinachi Nwachukwu is a Minister of God and also producer of Christian worship music.

She has featured in songs like “Nara Ekele” by Pastor Paul Enenche (Dunamis, Abuja), “Ekwueme” by Prospa Ochimana and “You no dey use me play” by Emma

The song that shot her to the limelight is the hit song “Ekwueme“ by Prospa Ochimana, released also in 2017.

Osinachi Nwachukwu: Husband

The name of her husband is Peter, He’s also a minister of the Gospel. His marriage with Osinachi Nwachukwu is blessed with four children.

Osinachi Nwachukwu: Twin Sister

She is the twin sister of “Amarachi Grace Eze,” a powerful singer in her own right.

Osinachi Nwachukwu: Death

It was gathered that Sister Nwachukwu died on Friday evening, April 8, 2022, in a private hospital located in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

In the late hours of Friday, the 8th of April, 2022, Mrs. Osinachi Nwachukwu was reported to have given up the ghost. The cause of her death is still unknown to the public, but we promise to update you very soon.

We all wish her soul perfect peace—sympathy to her family and loved ones.

Osinachi Nwachukwu: Songs

“Nara Ekele” by Pastor Paul Enenche, “Ekwueme” by Prospa Ochimana, “You no dey use me play” by Emma, and “God of Power” (Ikem) are some of the songs she sings (Dunamis, Abuja). ‘Ekwueme,’ a successful song by Prospa Ochimana that was published in 2017, was the tune that pushed her to national prominence. In addition to singing in the Igbo language, Osinachi’s audience is mostly composed of people from Nigeria’s eastern area.

Osinachi sings in Igbo language, and her audience are dominant in the eastern part of Nigeria.

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