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Osinachi: DUNAMIS Emphasis Position On Domestic Violence As Dr Enenche Calls for Sober Reflection


The SNR. Pastor, DUNAMIS INT’L Gospel Center Worldwide, Dr. Paul Enenche has called for sober reflection.

Pastor Enenche made the call while providing insights as well as the position of the Church on domestic violence and the death of Late Gospel Artiste, Sister Osinachi Nwachukwu.

We are in the season of sober reflection, in the light of the death of the passing of our beloved Sister, Osinachi Nwachukwu who was an asset to this generation.

In his words “In the light of so much misinformation. In the light of so much reconstruction of events; I decided to speak straight on what I know concerning the situation”.

“Over two or three months ago; Osinachi came to see me with her husband over complaints of Chest Pain, and respiratory distress; I prayed for her. When the symptom persisted, I advised them to go to the hospital, so we can know exactly what we are dealing with.”

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“They asked if I can help them facilitate going to the hospital, I called the head of our Medical Team, a Doctor who is a consultant pediatrician with the federal medical center Kefi to assist handle their situation and he called a colleague at Federal Medical Center Jabi, who attended to them”.

” On seeing her, and after medical investigations; and what the doctor saw, they feel there was a need for further investigations either at the University of Abuja Hospital or National Hospital in Abuja…”.

He further explained that If there are domestic violence leading to the symptoms she presented at the hospital, there is no way he could have known.

“The things we began to hear after her passing out were all strange to my hearing; then, I begin to ask questions”

“I asked the twin sister, are you aware that your sister passed through all these things and she said she knew some of them, and get to hear from the other people she confided in”

“When I asked her, why didn’t you tell me; her twin sister said, she always begged her not to tell me. She will tell her ” just pray for us, my husband will change” but that continued to happen.

“I asked Osinachi’s first son yesterday, and I was like is this story of domestic violence true, and he said yes. And I asked why didn’t you tell me because after church they used to run towards me and I will pray for them and bless them; the young man told me: they couldn’t tell me because after church his father will ask them what did they tell the Senior pastor and so forth.”

The last one that touched me so much as a music producer who visited me two days ago to tell me his own experience, how he witnessed when the Osinachi’s husband slapped her in his music studio and I said to him; you saw a man slapped a woman in your presence and you left the man..? He said before he could respond, the woman was already In tears, and on her knees and begged him not to do anything at all.

And, all these things are things we got to know after she had passed out; as a person and as a church, everyone who got to know me will confirm that we have zero tolerance for domestic violence and wife battery.

“We have a policy that it is better to be alive without a marriage; than to die in marriage. I have always said it in several messages”












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