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Kyari: Appoint Igbo Man Chief Of Staff for Equity – Group Task President Buhari


The All Citizens Action Movement, Monday, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to redress the imbalances in his government by appointing a southeaster to replace his late chief of staff, Mallam Abba Kyari.

The group’s southeast convener, Nze Kanayo Chukwumezie, while praying God to grant eternal rest to the soul of the late Kyari, said, “Shutting a major tribe in the country from the central government should now be corrected with the appointment of someone from the southeast as chief of staff to the president.

The one-sidedness of appointments in the Presidency is glaring, but not having one of the major ethnic groups in the decision-making echelon is dangerous for our fragile democracy, and legitimizes the drums for disintegration and dismemberment. President Buhari should prove that he is not an ethnic bigot by appointing an Igbo man as his chief of staff.

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In the alternative, he should dissolve and reconstitute his entire cabinet to reflect the federal character principles of our constitution.” However, a chieftain of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Chief Nduka Eya, says such calls are unnecessary. Speaking in Enugu during an interview, Chief Eya said the Igbo nation should first of all put their houses in order, adding that the agenda of the Buhari administration was not in the interest of the southeast.

In his words, “I advocate redressing the fundamental issues bedevilling our people. The Buhari government has an agenda which everybody knows, but some of us have refused to accept. Since Azikiwe, Okpara, and Ojukwu, who are the Igbo rallying around? Some of our political leaders are simply planning their own selfish interests.

This is unlike other regions that have common fronts on national issues. “If you say an Igbo presidency, hundreds of them will come on and decimate their votes to our detriments. It doesn’t matter to me who replaces Abba Kyari. He will be replaced by somebody who knows the agenda of this government. Ndigbo should return home and discover their destinies. We can make this region the Dubai of Africa.

But our people won’t agree. We are seen as strangers in our own land. Only Abaribe is talking for us; others face their pockets. We have to do the needful.”


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