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Easter Calls For Total Repentance And Sacrifice – Rev. Ternenge

Rev. Ternenge
Rev. Ternenge

The Universal Reformed Christian Church (NKST), Enugu-Nigeria, the Reverend Tor-ruam Jacob Ternenge, says Easter is significant, and central in the Christian faith. Reverend Ternenge, stated this in his Easter message.

According to Reverend Ternenge, the season calls for total repentance and sacrifice, especially now humanity is faced with the Coronavirus pandemic. “Jesus, the Son of God, died and resurrected. He gave eternal life in heaven to everyone who believes in His death, and resurrection. Unfortunately, this year’s Easter has come at a time we are required to make sacrifices for the restoration of the land from COVID19.

It’s however, sad for us to congregate in worship places to intercede for the world, due to locked down order by government to ‘preventing the virus from spreading’. (Yes, it’s important agreed),” the Reverend Ternenge stated.

The Clergyman insisted that the current global health pandemic was a warning to humanity to acknowledge the power of the Almighty God.

“I ain’t ignorant of Isaiah 26:20, where majority of ‘church bench warmers’ are making reference to justify their support to this experience in the history of the Church. Apparently, they have chosen this pitiful position at the expense of glaring superlative biblical texts in exact time like the COVID19. For example, Num. 16: 46-50,” the clergyman pointed out.

The Reverend Ternenge, expressed the hope that COVID19 would soon be over, but maintained that humanity must first surrender to the authority of God, saying that sin, pride and wickedness have polluted the world and must be corrected.

He said, ”Frankly speaking, there are so many biblical texts, that require us to behave better than what we have chosen. Well, it will soon be over God willing. Therefore, on behalf of NKST mission Enugu, Nigeria; let’s open our hearts to the Lord during this Easter, and He will not leave us.

The Reverend Ternenge urged Christians to allow love to lead in all their engagements and refrain from struggling for dominance or power which he said did not last forever.


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